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Slaughter Fest II...The Slaughter Continues


The first edition of Trend Slaughter Fest featuring some of Asia's best underground
 bands was a roaring success and its no surprise that the organizers of the show
 decided to give the fans another blow of extreme underground madness. 
i am super thrilled to be covering the event as the self declared "official photographer"
 but enough of that and here's a brief description of the bands that are gonna
 be sharing the stage on that day.


DJINN AND MISKATONIC: a vocalist, a bass player and a drummer! thats it! 3 guys! ,
 no guitars, no keys no nonsense!!!! the most weird and surprising band to hit the
 subcontinent with their blend of slow doomy drone music.... am seriously looking
 forward to this band coz they absolutely kill on stage..proud to say they are from Bangalore

check out their music on sound cloud  and add them on Facebook

DWESHA: is a Bangalore based old school death metal band whose music reminds
 one of early Bolt Thrower. The difference here is they sing in Kannada! another first
 perhaps in the country, a death metal vernacular band....snap your heads to their music
 on Reverbnation and check them out on Facebook

GORIFIED: this band needs no introduction, extreme death/grind band from Bangalore .
..Moshing mayhem guaranteed once those growls and riffs are thrown at u at rabid intensity....

Check them out on MySpace and Facebook

CAUCHEMAR: are a Canadian band featuring one really talented Annick Giroux whose morbid
 fascination of serving up a tasty meal while thrashing in the kitchen resulted in her writing a book
 " HELLBENT FOR COOKING : THE HEAVY METAL COOKBOOK. .... she wont be cooking here ,
 but her band will be seriously "dishing out" some excellent music!!! Stomach Churning or otherwise...

visit their MySpace page and Facebook pages 

DYING EMBRACE: again, this band needs no introduction unless u are a metalcore loving dick head
 who is oblivious to underground music.... formed in 1991, even before u were born (i am sure), DE will
 be dishing out some really nasty primitive doom and with rumors of a new song which might debut at
 TSF II here's another reason not to miss this event....i wonder what other tricks they have up their sleeve?

visit their Sound Click page and add his as a friend on Facebook

and finally....

ABIGAIL : the craziest beer loving, women bonking thrashers in the history of Metal! Abigail have been around
 since 1989 and have 82 releases and are still considered to be an underground act...This performance is
 definitely gonna be colossal  , and will open the flood gates for more underground acts to come play in
 India (read Bangalore) . For the very first time in the history on music played in India, we have a Japanese
 Thrash metal band playing here, its an honor to have them here.

Check out the debauchery on Myspace and Facebook

Chaos Confirmed on January 29th, 2012, Sunday....

Event Timings
3.30pm - 4.15pm - Djinn & Miskatonic 
4.15pm - 5.00pm - Dwesha
5.00pm - 5.45pm - Gorified
5.45pm - 6.30pm - Cauchemar
6.30pm - 7.30pm - Dying Embrace 
7.30 pm onwards - Abigail

Venue : Kyra Theatre, 2nd Floor, 2001 Katti-ma center,100ft Road, Indiranagar Bengaluru,
 Karnataka 560038,
 Bangalore, India

Ticket Price: Rs 500/- which includes a free beer which can be redeemed at the bar counter.

tickets can be purchased from the bands that are playing at the venue and one can also contact
 Cyclopean Eye Productions  and the TSF crew for tickets in Bangalore and around. 

Written and Promoted by Max Metal's own Multi-talented Pritham "Pittu" D'Souza,
check out his Brutal Metal projects on Max Metal "Metal Farmer", "In Desolation",
 "Electric tears", "Mob-Fury"
"Sticky Frog" "Scavenger of Human Sorrow" "Obire Diem" 
On top of ALL this Pittu manages and operates, planting, fertilizing, growing, harvesting, irrigating
 100's of acres Farming exotic fruits and vegetables in Tropical India!!! PLUS he still finds time to be a 
Freelance photographer taking on Weddings, Ancient Indian Temple sites, and of course Metal Concerts;)
check out his Incredible photography projects here:
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