Mars On Fire, Des Moines Iowa


Mars On Fire Rockin the Great Plains from Des Moines Iowa
Members: Eugene Waage-Vocals, Tommy Westrom-Guitar, John Hatterman-Bass, Jared Albertson-Drums
Sounds Like: Seether, All That Remains, Deftones, Stone Sour, Blink-182

Hit the Song Player for Mars On Fire you wont be disappointed! These guys are for real!!ComScore

Mars on Fire is an upcoming, unsigned band. They come from small midwestern towns. They lead normal lives. They are ordinary people. But what Mars on Fire brings to the table is anything but simple and ordinary. Their music is a blend of beauty and pain, rock and metal, dramatic highs, crushing lows, and many of the life experiences we have all endured. Just a few months out of the studio and soon to return to complete their first full length album, Mars on Fire has the potential to be more than just another local band. More than just a blip on the radar. They have shared the stage with national bands such as: Cold, Mushroomhead, Kill Devil Hill, Smile Empty Soul and 3 Pill Morning. Three studio songs have been released so far; Exploding Into Life, Useless and For Sale (attached above), with more to come.
 You can find them on,


Mars on Fire demonstrates their obvious guitar shredding skills, compliments of Tommy Westrom.
Lead Vocalist Eugene Waage keeps the crowd on their feet with his high energy stage presence and aggressive yet melodic vocals.

Mars on Fire Bassist John Hatterman in tha Zone.

Completing the Rhythm Section is hard driving , Heart Beat of the band Mars On Fire
 drummer: Jared Albertson

Mars on Fire tools of the trade:

Get to Des Moines Iowa for a Mars on Fire that will burn the cobwebs right out of your rock starved brains!
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