Windfall Prato, Italy

Windfall's Francesca, Female fronted Girl-Powered metal from Italy, displays technical song writing  with catchy-melodic guitars, hard driving rhythms and soaring female vocals by Francesca!


Genres: Metal / rock


Windfall born in 2003 with the artistic union of Matteo Bresci at drums,Lorenzo Nardi at guitar and Marco Patracchini at bass.The original purpouse was playing a very ritmich melodic metal with some influences of sonata arctica, Stratovarius,Edguy and Helloween.
Since the beginning we left aside covers and we started immediately to compose.In 4 years we have written many tracks and covers,but the absence of a voice that fits with the songs,started being a big problem,also considering our will to debut.
Fortunately,in December 2007,Marco found out on the web an announce of a girl who was searching for a group,possibly a metal one:she was Francesca Tedeschi,and a test was enough to understand that she was the one we were looking for.
By now,we started with one step ahead.reviewing all we had already done,trying to fit that with the new voice. After few months of organization we decided to look for the element we always wished: a keyboarder!
We found out indirectly Tommaso Buzzegoli,and after some proofs we decided to baptize him as new element of Windfall.
This is the “once upon a time”.
Regarding the style,as we have already said,is certainly metal,but of wich style,we don’t even know it. We like epic line,but scratch and stopping guitars too,and obviously double pedal. Even our lyrics range from life experience to total escape in classic epic and power songs. We offer and exciting music,sometimes rude,sometimes soft,both for whom is used to this tipe of music,and both for whom will listen for the first time. We trust in it,and the main push arrive from our fans,who follow us during the gigs.
Road will be so long and hard,but we really want to make it,and by now we have had positive feedbacks…




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