Jacqui Taylor Nottingham, UK

Jacqui Taylor quite possibly the greatest guitarist the world has ever heard

Free Spirit
Jacqui is a female guitarist and mad about guitars!!! A composer/guitar teacher and the guitarist for the band The Clan Destined! www.theclandestined.com and Razorbladekisses. www.razorbladekisses.com. She studied classical music from an early age with lessons in the piano. Then  discovered the expressive, creative world of the guitar and WAS HOOKED! She couldn't practice enough! Continued her music studies at the University of Brighton gaining a BA(Hons) in Music and Art. This introduced her to the world of sound recording. Since then she has built up her own studio and has composed music for various dance companies and session guitar work too. Jacqui has recorded two albums "Free Spirit" and "Brain Candy". (Total guitar indulgence man...... hang off your whammy bar kind of stuff).... hope you enjoy. So to all you guitar dudes and music heads out there please feel free to be her friend,she wants hear from you.... For more info please visit her website.Where limited edition CD's of both albums await...
Brain Candy
19 Apr 2010 Brain candy now up on itunes! The Brain Candy album is now available to download on itunes, follow the link below! Love and best wishes! x
 Brain Candy on i-tunes

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